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Virtual Stage (3D) / The 3:1-Rule

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Calculation, programming by Stefan Kießling, 2023
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This calculator is a simulation for microphone setups. You can place sound sources and microphones on a virtual stage, mix the microphones virtually and listen to the result. As the setup becomes more complex, it is likely that interference will occur, when more than one microphone picks up the same sound and these microphones are mixed to some degree on the same channel. This interference can result in a coloration of the sound. This can be illustrated by the resulting spectrum (or frequency response curve). A famous example is the 3:1 rule. This is a rule of thumb that states that if two or more microphones are capturing the same sound and are mixed to one channel, the secondary microphones should be at least three times as far away as the microphone closest to the sound source. The background is that the interference of of the signals results in the combfilter effect?, which can make the signal sound horrible.
These calculations cannot reflect reality to 100%. Read more about its limitations.

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Ensemble Nobiles

The Leipzig-based “Ensemble Nobiles“ is a renowed a cappella quintet that performs internationally. Thankfully they have supported this website with a recording of a 5 voice setting by Johann Hermann Schein to the chorale “Nun komm der Heiden Heiland”.

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